the link to the recommended driver worked - but only so far as I can insert a single page versus auto feeding from Tray one. Anyone have any ideas how to change this ? the operator panel is not so helpful and the DELL printer web page not accessible as far as I can see. I can print other printer setting from that tray bu holding down the continue button so nothing wrong mechanically. thanks for your input.

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I had the same issue. I started playing with the tray settings. When I switched to 250+500 sheets - everything started working ok. Also, if you are in the Word, use this setting - you can choose them by selecting

enter image description here


Following the recipe given by Alex S.:

  1. yes, one can select Tray 1 in Word and it prints from the tray just fine,
  2. then you define a new preset with its own name, like "Tray 1 feed",
  3. this preset is system-wide, and as such can be selected for printing in e.g. Acrobat Reader DC by clicking the "Printer..." button

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