I have a MBP (late 2011 I believe, running 10.12) that I had setup to run macOS and Ubuntu. I am using rEFId. I don't use Ubuntu much so I went to delete the partition last night. When I did that, via disk utility, I had an error stating the disk needed to be repaired in safe mode (or something like that). After I tried repairing in safe mode, I am now no longer able to boot into macOS or Ubuntu. I get a GNU GRUB screen when I turn on the computer and a weird error screen after I input "exit".

After using diskutil list and gpt -r show disk0, I found that one of the partitions (the one with the macOS) was being identified as type FFFF... I followed some instructions on here and was able to correct that, but I still do not have that partition available to boot with when on the Mac boot screen (when I hold option down at start up).

I have noticed that my LV is not staying mounted. I have unlocked it and mounted it multiple times and run volume checks on everything with no problems. Just can't seem to get the Mac SSD available to boot on.

I would really like to get back into macOS as I haven't backed up in a few weeks. :(

Is there anything else I can do to possibly fix this??

Here are some terminal outputs.

gpt -r show

diskutil list

  • You should be able to boot into Internet Recovery - Cmd-Option-R. If you can do that, erase & repartition your drive. See: apple.stackexchange.com/a/297788/119271 This will make it "100% Apple." It will be an HFS+ partion ready for a clean macOS install. rEFInd will be removed so you won't have any issues booting. – Allan Mar 20 '20 at 21:54
  • I believe disk0s3 is suppose to by type Apple_Boot. You show the type to be Apple_HFS. In other words, you show 48465300-0000-11AA-AA11-00306543ECAC where I would assume 426F6F74-0000-11AA-AA11-00306543ECAC is suppose to appear. – David Anderson Mar 21 '20 at 3:37

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