In the past few days, there are some files in my Documents folder. Typical filename is like: 1400115281_report_pb.dump, a few digits followed by report_pb.dump.

The file seems to be kind of log file where the 1400115281 is app_id. Here is a part of the file:

{"common":{"platform":7,"apn_type":"UNKNOWN","app_id":1400115281,"scope":"common","os_type":"mac_10.15.3","biz_id":"200000001","app_version":"","net_type":0,"device_name":"x8 6_64","sdk_version":18874398},...

What is this file for? How can I prevent it from showing up or default the file to another location instead of the Documents folder.

Update, the only Google result about app_id 1400115281 is:

enter image description here

It happened I installed Tencent Meeting lately, and the app version is also

enter image description here


Yes, it also happened on my mac.

The file occurs everytime after I use Tencent Meeting, you can just delete it.

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