I wanted to put parental controls on my computer before I learned that administrator users can't have parental controls (makes sense to me now). But somehow I still managed to enable parental controls for my administrator user, and it didn't give me any warning message.

I can tell that enabling parental controls really did work because some websites are blocked. This persists even after rebooting my Mac.

Website blocked by parental control

Now I want to turn off parental controls, but I can't do it. When I try to turn it off in System Preferences, I get this error message (video):

You cannot enable parental controls for an administrator account. Create a new user account, and then enable parental controls for the new account.

So how can I turn off parental control for the Admin user?

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    Can't try myself (for obvious reasons), but try the following: create a new admin user, log out of the old one and into the new, downgrade the old admin account to standard, disable parental control, upgrade it again.
    – nohillside
    Commented Mar 18, 2020 at 6:08

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I found a solution thanks to @nohillside, I created a new admin user, loged out of the old one and loged into the new one but I was not able to downgrade the old admin account to standard, so I did this :

dscl . read /groups/admin GroupMembership


sudo dscl . delete /groups/admin GroupMembership Anakojm

Then I restarted my mac and created a stantard user with the same name (Anakojm) and I get this message :

A home folder named Anakojm already exist use it ?

Then I clicked yes and disabled parental control, and upgraded it again.

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