How to add the node_modules folder paths to time machine ignore paths. These folders are like tmp data for backups. These are very dense folders and also slow down TM. Is there is a txt file which can be appended? Maybe a command line which can append to the config.


There're several approaches mentioned in this gist.

  1. Using tmutil addexclusion
find `pwd` -type d -maxdepth 3 -name 'node_modules' | xargs -n 1 tmutil addexclusion
  1. Using tmignore which automatically finds all Git repositories on your disk and excludes all paths matching .gitignore files. I've just tried it and it works great. You can also set up a script to check your disk periodically.
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You can manage the list of ignored folders in the Time Machine preferences.

enter image description here

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  • this I know but its very hard to manage the GUI when a techie machine creates and destroys a dozen node project folders every day – thevikas Mar 29 at 5:46

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