Is that correct? what the hell, I just want to know if any of you is an expert on this matter:

The title implies NO ONE can backup any WhatsApp backup larger than 1.64Gb more than once on a 5Gb free iCloud account. Bare with me, if the title is true, then:

  • You start with 5Gb free
  • You perform your first WhatsApp backup, which is 1.65Gb
  • You now have 1.65Gb used iCloud Space, and 3.35Gb free
  • Your next backup (tomorrow if set to "daily") needs 1.65x2.05 = 3.38Gb free
  • It's the next morning now --> Failure: you can no longer keep backing up WhatsApp without paying for more space, since 3.38Gb is > 3.35Gb. No more backups for you even though your backup size is 1.65Gb and your free space is 3.35Gb <- that's even considering the used 1.65Gb is due to an older WhatsApp backup that is supposed to get replaced.

Is all the above non-sense correctly interpreted? Are they THAT unfair?

I say all this cause my auto-backups aren't working since iOS 13, and then I noticed that subtle added comment on WhatsApp's FAQs (their official website). I have those exact figures in the example. Let's also remember there are 2 WhatsApp backup switches:

1st switch: iPhone Settings app > Tap your name in the top > iCloud > scroll down to see the switch (this switch creates a live backup that allows for an independent backup, meaning you don't need to restore your whole iphone to restore this backup, you can delete Whatsapp Only and said backup will be detected when you reinstall Whatsapp). You get to pick your frequenc. I have this switch ON.

2nd switch: iPhone Settings app > Tap your name in the top > iCloud > Manage Storage > click "Backcup" green icon row > Click your device > here you have a list of your TOTAL apps, each might save a tiny bit of settings info for each app (not the app itself), this is a packaged backup that also saves your downloaded app list (no matter if you switch off every app). So, Here you see WhatsApp too (2nd switch) <- if on, Whatsapp backup will take 2x space of your total iCloud space (I prooved this). As I understand, this backup can only be accessed if you restore the whole iPhone (whole package see). I have this switch OFF.

Even when that 2nd switch off (which I thought would be the reason for the 2.05x needed) my backups aren't happening.

Oh yeah and, WhatsApp support is nonsense auto-answers that are irrelevant to my issue, they are just the worse "silicon" customer supper I know. They sometimes even copy the exact same answer of the their last email reply. Just offensive they call that "support".

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    I started reading this ... fairly soon came to the view that it is a rant about What's App and its customer support. If there is an on-topic question in here it's not obvious. If you have an on-topic question you want answers to I suggest you eliminate the ranting and make your question much more obvious. – High Performance Mark Mar 12 at 17:08
  • Please follow the 3 exclamations marks in the text (4 if title considered). Those are the exact questions I'm trying to get answered here; sort of a confirmation of my understanding <- which is why I give so much context. It's not a rant, WhatsApp support is only mentioned at the end because I tried to answer this before and was told "contact WhatsApp support". – Kagio Mar 12 at 21:20

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