I have a video on my iPhone that I recorded using my iPhone. I want to extract a single frame as a still image, preserving the full quality and native resolution of the recording.

I know it's possible to take a screenshot of video, but I'm not sure if that ends up being a lower resolution image. Also, it just feels clumsy to use a screenshot because HD the time I end up with UI controls over top the image.

Is there a way, without third party software, to extract a full resolution still image frame from a video on iOS?


No, there is no option in the photos app to extract a single frame.

Depending on the video resolution you may or may not end up with a lower resolution screenshot. If your video resolution is higher than the screenshots' resolution, you end up with a lower resolution image in the end. Read more about video resolution on iPhones and screenshot sizes.

The easiest way though would be to either use a third party app or - if you import the videos to a computer anyway - do it on a Mac/PC.

More about this: different methods, Apple Community

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