Yes I know there are various similar questions like.

eclipse how to configure tomcat that install from package manager?

but not finding any solution to the problem I am facing.
What I am trying to do:

  • Install Eclipse on macOS
  • Install Tomcat 8/8.5 on same machine
  • Configure Tomcat to test Servlet developed in eclipse

What I have done so far:
1. Installed Eclipse
2. Installed tomcat using brew install tomcat@8 :nothing else done
3. Tried adding Server in Eclipse with path : /usr/local/Cellar/tomcat@8

  • why @8 rather than brew install tomcat only ? If I am not wrong this will install the latest one and 8 is the latest version, isn't it ?
    – Udhy
    Mar 10, 2020 at 17:09
  • @Udhy latest is 10(Alpha), I am a student and I have been assigned this task to be specifically done using 8 Mar 10, 2020 at 17:11
  • okay. Then did you check this way: crunchify.com/…
    – Udhy
    Mar 10, 2020 at 17:13

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Step 01 :Download Files Required

First Download the Version you Need for your project.
Make sure you download Core zip file from the link below:

  • Download Apache 7 Tomcat from this link.
  • Download Apache 8 Tomcat from this link.
  • Download Apache 9 Tomcat from this link.
  • Download Apache 10 (Alpha) Tomcat from this link. enter image description here

    Select .Zip from above section Once you have downloaded it, unzip it to a location

Step 02 :Setting up Server in Eclipse

  • Open Eclipse Environment
  • Click on Servers Tab
  • Click on No servers are available. Click this link to create a new server...
  • Click Tomcat v(your downloaded version) Server and Next
  • Choose the extracted folder as path and runtime.
  • DONE!

You're close. I download packages through Homebrew as well. You need to give it the path all the way down to libexec.

So for the tomcat installation directory give it: /usr/local/Cellar/tomcat@8/8.5.57/libexec

The full steps are:

  1. Download your Tomcat version through brew
  2. Eclipse > Preferences
  3. On the left click the 'Server' dropdown > Runtime Environments
  4. Add
  5. For installation directory enter /usr/local/Cellar/tomcat@<version>/<version>/libexec.
  • Thank you, this was the answer I needed.
    – jarchuleta
    Mar 23, 2022 at 18:18

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