I'm using a Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue keyboard with my 2019 MacBook Pro, and I'm experiencing some strange behavior. With the fn key activated, the key combination cd, when typed quickly, causes Launchpad to open (which, on my computer, is linked to F12). Other key combinations also cause strange behavior in a similar fashion. With the fn key deactivated, cd doesn't open Launchpad, but when typed in the Terminal it causes the screen to flash and the terminal to emit a bell.

Some other weird behavior: vf => vfg, xs => xs§, mj => mhj, qa => qatab

What's causing this strange behavior?


Get hold of Key Codes (freeware) from the App Store, so you can test what the keyboard is actually outputting.

If it's sending garbage, then you'd probably need to speak to the manufacturer.

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