My printer is HP LaserJet M15A connected via USB to my router. Currently, I'm running on macOS Catalina version 10.15.13. I can see and add the printer under "Printer & Scanners" - "Windows" - workgroup - fastgate - "HP_LaserJet-M14-M17_VNC3B87838". The add seems to be done correctly (using the correct driver), but when trying to print I see "Unable to connect to printer". My router is Technicolor MediaAccess DGA4131FWB. I tried many stuff to fix the problem, but nothing works:

Added the following lines to my nsmb.conf [default] port445=both smb_neg=smb1_only signing_required=no

Tried to set manually the ip of the router ( and ports (80,139,445,631 and all the other opened ports) from CUPS but no result. The output of nmap is: PORT STATE SERVICE 53/tcp open domain 80/tcp open http 139/tcp open netbios-ssn 443/tcp filtered https 445/tcp open microsoft-ds 631/tcp open ipp 5000/tcp open upnp 8080/tcp open http-proxy 8888/tcp open sun-answerbook 49152/tcp open unknown

I can also print correctly from my Desktop PC with Windows 10, and from my Android smartphone using PrinterShare. But not on Mac.

Anyone have any idea what's wrong? Thank you

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