I am trying to get the following setup to work:

Connect MacBook Pro (13", 2018, 4 USB-C Ports) to two Monitors (Samsung S27H85).

I want to use MST, because I am hoping for the following result:

  • charge the Macbook and connect both monitors with a single USB C cable
  • connect the two monitors to each other with a display port cable
  • ideally use the USB-Hubs to connect the mouse and keyboard as well

The product specification states, that the monitor uses DisplayPort 1.2 if connected via USB-C. DisplayPort 1.2 should support MST.

The result would be a great setup with only a single cable. It should be possible in theory. But when trying it, the second display is not showing anything.

Does anybody have a clue on how exactly I need to set this up? The only information I found is from 2015, but there seem to be a lot of updates since then.