In Pages, there is an option to hide headers and footers on the first page of a section.

But I want to only hide the header, not the footer. That's because I have the page number in the footer and I do want to show it, even on the first page. How can I do this?

At first I thought I could just put the first page into a separate section, but that breaks up paragraphs that flow from the first page onto the second.

If this is not possible with Pages, do you know of another word processor that can do this?

EDIT: Here's an overview of the problem situation:

problem situation

  • Set up that page, take picture then show that pic...
    – Solar Mike
    Mar 2, 2020 at 7:07
  • I added a screenshot of the problem situation in the original post. Mar 2, 2020 at 21:14

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Sorry that I don't know the proper solution to your problem through Pages or any other word processor. If you can not find such a solution and still want to do this, you would maybe like to consider doing something similar through a text box in Pages as follows:

  1. Hide the Headers & Footers on the first page again,

  2. Place a text box via Insert > Text Box menu option and write 1 in it. You can resize the text box by click-and-holding and then dragging one of the selection handles in its edges with a mouse,

  3. Place the text box at the same location where the page number would reside in the first page,

  4. Format the text box by selecting the None option in the Arrange > Stay on Page > Text Wrap dropbox menu on the sidebar after clicking on the Format button in the Pages toolbar at the top right. This will make sure the text box remains in the first page and at the same location in the first page even if you add more content to your document,

  5. You can fine-tune the box's location by selecting it and then changing the numbers in the Position X-Y options in the Format > Arrange tab on the sidebar again.

Hope this helps.


Only an alternate solution: LaTeX + Emacs(editor) + Org-mode(package inside Emacs). An example in the picture below:

enter image description here

Please note the Contents can be removed if needed. Footer and page numbering is separate in LaTeX.

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