First of all, sorry for my english, not a native speaker.
Since I'm a bit fed up opening Termninal and ^C I want to create a shortcut for activating caffeinate -d on my Mac OS X 10.11
I've been trying a simple Automator Service but with my noob skills it doesn't work.

This is the settings:
I chose Service as type of document

Library->Utilities->Run Shell Script
Service receives: no input
in: any application
Shell: /bin/bash
Pass input: to stdin

CAFFEINATECHECK=`ps | grep caffeinate | cut -d ' ' -f7,8`
if [ $CAFFEINATECHECK == 'caffeinate -d' ]; then
killall caffeinate
caffeinate -d

Problem is that such a short scrip keeps running with no response and I have to stop it after a minute
I hope someone could give me any tips necessary


If you're trying the check to see if caffeinate is running and terminate it if it is, or start it if it isn't, then I'd use:


if [[ $(pgrep caffeinate) == "" ]]; then
    caffeinate -d &
    pkill caffeinate
  • That surely is more elegant than my first draft. At first your code haven't worked, it kept running like mine for longer than it should, but I remembered reading somewhere that Automator doesn't work well with '&' AAAND INDEED it works (workflow completed in 0,218 seconds) by removing that out of the equation. Thanks alot, much appreciated – tebkanlo Mar 2 '20 at 7:56
  • I experienced it before that a working bashscript wasn't running inside Automator environment. I still wonder what was that didn't let my code works smoothly afterall. – tebkanlo Mar 2 '20 at 8:00

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