Right now I am doing a clean install of Catalina. I have erased the Macintosh HD and the Macintosh HD -Data. When I tried to install the OS it gave me these two choices again. I couldn’t find anything on apple’s website on this choice of drives. I chose now the Macintosh HD because it is defined as the system drive but I am not sure. I would be happy if you provide some information or a reference about this.

  • Did you see the Apple doc How to erase a disk for Mac? Before re-installing you first need to, from recovery, delete the volume "Macintosh HD - Data" and then erase "Macintosh HD". – lx07 Feb 26 '20 at 22:30
  • Yeah I was erasing the "Macintosh HD - Data" not deleting it. That solved my problem. Thanks. – iRestMyCaseYourHonor Feb 27 '20 at 7:56

What worked for me was erasing the parent volume of these partitions as "Macintosh HD", leaving one partition.

Another option, as per lx08's comment, is to delete "Macintosh HD - Data" and erase "Macintosh HD".

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