I have USB drive with a partition containing OS X 10.6. I boot from this drive to use an app which doesn't run in Lion (Xcode 3.2.5). Rebooting is annoying.

Is it possible to boot a VMWare Fusion virtual machine directly from the USB drive (i.e. not 'forking' a virtual machine from it)? I have tried Booting Operating System from USB Drive in VMware Fusion 3.x but it doesn't work for OS X (I changed the settings to OS X 10.6 Server instead of Windows 7). I have VMWare Fusion 3.1.3.

  • Are you asking whether you can create an image from the drive to use virtually? Or physically run the OS from that drive... virtually? – Robin Jan 25 '12 at 23:19

You need 10.6 Server. It does not help to change the settings to 10.6 Server, you have to use 10.6 Server as operating system on the USB-Stick… or you can try some hacks, e.g. Hackintosh (search for it in Google) in a virtual environment but that's a little bit more complicated you can check


for this.

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