Sorry if this question is poorly worded, as I am new to MacOS. I bought this computer to be able to more easily work with my iphones at my shop. I have an iPhone 8 plus that is disabled, so I am trying to flash it with my Macbook 2011 running Catalina.

When I plug it in and boot into recovery mode, it offers to start downloading the update. I found a command to run in terminal to check the status, so I see that it does start.

My internet is slow, so it takes about 1-2 hours to fully download an IPSW file. The problem is this: as soon as the phone is disconnected, the download cancels itself. If i leave the phone plugged in, it reboots after 15 minutes and cancels the download (at around 800mb total). If i start the download then unplug the phone, it stops downloading as well. The update folder just goes empty all of a sudden.

What could be causing this? It is bad enough that there is no progress bar for itunes downloads, but they also silently cancel themselves. I do not want to have to manually download IPSW files for every iphone I service.

Any help solving this issue would be appreciated.

  • What do you mean “disabled iPhone 8” and trying to “flash it?” Do you mean Jailbreak? I’m assuming you’ve “patched” your system to run Catalina because the 2011 isn’t on the compatible list. I believe this adds another layer of “questionable” as to what is functioning properly as not. But let’s start with what you’re trying to do with your iPhone. – Allan Feb 25 at 3:14

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