I'm trying to access RSS feeds hosted on my Mac from another computer in the same network.

The IP-address of the Mac is, the port the server uses is 8080.

I can access the page locally, but the Windows PC can't access it, instead it's saying ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.

How would I fix this?

  • Most recent versions of both – 2br-2b Feb 23 at 23:12
  • 1
    "But my windows on the computer..." Huh? Are you running a (Microsoft) Windows VM on the same Mac or is this another Windows computer? How are you accessing the feed locally? What address are you using? – Allan Feb 23 at 23:17
  • It's another, separate computer. The url I'm accessing is, which works on the mac, but not on the windows – 2br-2b Feb 23 at 23:18
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    Are you running a firewall on either machine? On the Mac, try pfctl -d to disable any firewall that's running. I don't have my Windows machine with me to tell you how to get to the Firewall settings, but see if you can be sure you're not blocking outgoing connections. – Allan Feb 23 at 23:20

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