I've got a weird problem with my 2019 MBP: it is not able to scan/recognize a public network XYZ, if there's also an other XYZ network that is password protected.

Practical example: when I go to a Starbucks, I know there are two networks:

  • a public Starbucks, where clients can connect
  • a WPA2 protected Starbucks network (used most likely by its employees?)

now, with both my Samsung smartphone and my work laptop, I can see both networks, and I'm able to connect to the public Starbucks one.

My MPB however isn't able at all to find Starbuck's public wifi, and only shows up the password protected one.

What should I do to fix this odd issue?

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Well, as a workaround, I went to Network preferences -> Advanced , then clicked on the + button and added a new wifi hotspot named Starbucks, without security. Clicked Ok, then Apply et voilà, MPB connected..

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