It is my habit to have dozens of chrome tabs open across a dozen workspaces in macOS. Often I want to to re-organize these tabs. For example, I may have an instance of chrome on workspace 5 with 10 tabs. Let's say that I want to detach 3 of these to a separate instance of chrome on the same workspace.

This has worked fine for years. However, after the upgrade to macOS Catalina, when I detach the first tab, I and the tab are forced to a completely different workspace containing a completely different instance of chrome. This is extremely disorienting and annoying and it happens every single time that I detach a single tab from an instance of chrome.

I've tried these commands in the terminal as suggested here:

 $ defaults write com.apple.dock workspaces-auto-swoosh -bool YES
 $ killall Dock

But when I detach a tab now, the tab just seems to disappear. It is actually transported to one of my 12 workspaces but I am not. Now I have to go searching for it.

This is driving me insane. Anyone have a work-around?

UPDATE: I've confirmed this is a bug in chrome not macOS mission control

This is so annoying that I switched to firefox and firefox does NOT experience the same issue.


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Actually, I do get "teleported" with my tab, but that is also super annoying. Ordinarily I want the tab on the same desktop, that's why it was in that browser window in the first place.


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