I have an option of chargers with different amp ratings ...

The voltage is 5V but what is the current?

For example ... 2.4A, 1.0A ...

More importantly were is the Apple site for the iPhone 7 where they would have specifications?

  • Why does that matter? The phone will draw what it needs. USB charges go up to 3A. – Allan Feb 21 at 18:52
  • For tech specs, see: support.apple.com/en_US/specs – Allan Feb 21 at 18:53
  • @Allan - if you aren't aware that, in the broadest terms, 'volts are pushed, but amps are pulled' then no amount of spec detail is going to help. – Tetsujin Feb 21 at 19:04
  • I’m aware @Tetsujin, I’ve written about it many times. He had the correct voltage, but amps was in question. Curious why this matters since the phone would draw the current it needed – Allan Feb 21 at 19:08
  • @Allan - I didn't mean if you were aware of it; I'm in no doubt you would know that, of course - I meant if the OP isn't aware, which many people aren't. – Tetsujin Feb 21 at 19:10

I found the tech specs at https://support.apple.com/en_US/specs/iphone. The site includes specs for iPhone 11 so you must go down the list to find iphone 7.

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  • Nice link. It does not have the info. I am looking for, but I'm guessing if it is not there, it is not available. – j.a. Feb 21 at 20:28

Generally, iPhones are 1A, iPads are 2A.
So long as the voltage is correct, the amperage doesn't really matter.

  • If you try to charge a 2A device with a 1A charger, it will charge more slowly.

  • If you charge a 1A device with a 2A charger, you won't see any difference to a 1A charger.

Amperage is "pulled" by the device, not "pushed" by the charger.

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