I'm trying to reinstall MacOS Catalina on a second hand Macbook Pro 2019. I cannot access Disk Utils in any way specified on the web. Only option that is available is Internet Recovery and I face an "Activation Lock" window that I cannot seem to bypass whatsoever.

In Internet Recovery window I have the following options: shutdown, restart, activate using MDM key and Erase Mac. The last option is: Startup disk that won't allow me to boot on my USB. It gives the following error:

security settings does not allow this mac to use an external startup disk<

How can I format and reinstall this Mac? I do not know the Apple-ID used for this Mac and neither does the previous owner.

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    Then I would suspect the previous 'owner' was not actually the owner - caveat emptor. Unlocking a T2 Mac is not a trivial task. Apple will do it for you if you take it to an Apple Store with proof of ownership. Otherwise you own a brick. – Tetsujin Feb 21 at 18:39
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    What @Tetsujin said. The fact you see MDM indicates this might of been owned by an organization meaning if they don’t know the AppleID, they weren’t the owners – Allan Feb 21 at 18:45
  • Truth is this Mac was bought by our company and given out to one of our customer. And one of their employees has used her Apple-ID to register this Mac. Now I've been assigned to format and reinstall but it seems to be a very tricky task indeed. – Deffjm Feb 21 at 18:56
  • Not something I've ever needed to do myself, so idk details, but this is what your MDM is for. – Tetsujin Feb 24 at 9:39

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