I recently upgraded to Catalina(which I regret now). I have been facing lot of weird issues after upgrading one of which being not able to share the screen on Google Hangout Meet. I followed a few of the approaches mentioned in other forums.

The fix was simple where I have to go the System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Screen Recording and make sure Google Chrome is checked.

The issue for me, though, is that I am not seeing "Google Chrome" on the list when I go to the Screen Recording section and I have no idea how to make Google Chrome seen on the list. Can anyone help with this?


Chrome must first ask for the access. At that time it will show up here unchecked, unless you selected "allow" at the time that it asked.

As @ankii mentioned tccutil will allow you to reset your permissions, but you will require the bundle id of the app in question.

To get the bundle id

% osascript -e 'id of app "Google Chrome"'

From there you can reset Chrome's permissions using tccutil

Reset permissions

% tccutil reset ALL com.google.Chrome

At this point, if Chrome wants to do anything that would require explicit permission from you, it will have to ask again. It has the permissions as though you had installed it for the first time.

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  • I tried this but maybe I did something wrong that's why it didn't work for me. However, I found another way to do this. launchctl list | grep -i chrome tccutil reset All com.google.Chrome This worked like a charm for me. Thanks for pointing me towards the right direction. – Sulove Bista Feb 21 at 5:42
  • @SuloveBista You need to quit and re-open Google Chrome after running tccutil. That's probably why this answer didn't work for you. – Nic Mar 13 at 0:07

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