Where can I find Growl's log(s)? Would like to use with GeekTool to display it on the desktop.


Growl uses a CoreData database located in ~/Library/Application Support/Growl/

The database is a file called notifications.history

Edit: there does not as yet appear to be any way to communicate with the Growl Control Suite say via AppleScript, to read the database. The functions there are limited. See the Growl AppleScript documentation here

You would have to communicate with the database directly, a database model is included within each build of Growl.

  • Got it. So, there's no easy/possible way of tailing some sort of log file then? Maybe there's a workaround? Does it append its output from the Rollup into some existing log file in the filesystem, that you can ack? A newbie suspect would be into the system.log, but that might be a dumb thought. (Just thinking.) – Henrik Jan 26 '12 at 1:01
  • 1
    @hced - not currently AFAIK, although the Rollup notification center is very new to Growl having only been introduced in 1.3 and I would expect that it will receive further enhancements in the near future. I did notice that the code does do a lot of logging via NSLog so there may be "some" information in the console however there may not be what you need. – Stu Wilson Jan 26 '12 at 8:19

They're located at ~/Library/Application Support/Growl/notifications.history.

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