On iCloud.com > Calendar > Preferences > Advanced the "send notification to the app" is enabled

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If my colleague invites me to his calendar by going into iPhone > Calendar > Calendars > CalendarName > Invite person I'm not receiving anything.

The same happens to 3 other people he invited. He's inviting me by writing the email I use to login into iCloud, and when he does my name appears automatically with the word "Pending" below it.

Into my iPhone > Calendar > Incoming it's completely empty.

Why is this happening?

  • Logging in at https://www.icloud.com
  • Go to Calendar -> (Cog) -> Preference -> Advanced
  • Beside "Invitations" select "Email To (Use this option if your primary calendar is not iCloud)".

This may solve your problem if:

  1. Someone with an iDevice is sending you the invite.
  2. You have an iCloud account.
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