I'd like to password-protect an app, so that every time that I open the app, I'll need to enter a password (the idea is to make it more burdensome to access the app). Right now, I can password-protect the app by going to ScreenTime, activating the ScreenTime passcode, and putting a 1-minute app limit on the app. However, this also completely disables notifications. Is there a way to password-protect the app but still allow notifications? Ideally, this would be something that works on any iPhone 6 and up, although any solution is welcome.


  • I can help. IS this for the iphone xs? – USER11111 Feb 19 at 2:33
  • Ideally for any iPhone 6 or newer, but yes, even just a solution for an iPhone xs would be great. What did you have in mind? Thanks! – Aziggy Feb 21 at 3:13

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