Yesterday my brother in law ask me a notification sound of the Photo Lab. I guess if I could download this application and change the ipa extension to zip and extract it, then I can find the notification sound that my brother in law ask me.

So: Is it possible to have ipa file of this app?

Actually: I wanna have the notification sound of Photo Lab

  1. Install Apple Configurator 2 from the Mac App Store.

  2. Open it and go to account at the top and sign-in using your Apple ID (the same Apple ID as on your iPhone):


  3. Download the app on your iPhone

  4. Connect your iPhone to your Mac and click Trust on the Trust This Computer prompt and enter your password

  5. Let Apple Configurator 2 load your device as follows:


  6. Go to add then app and select Photo Lab in the list

  7. It will say the app is already installed and will display the following message, don't touch anything just leave the message open:


  8. Go to Finder, go + + G and paste the following:

    ~/Library/Group Containers/K36BKF7T3D.group.com.apple.configurator/Library/Caches/Assets/TemporaryItems/MobileApps
  9. Move this to your desktop

  10. Rename the .ipa to .zip and unpack it. The .caf files are in Payload/pho.to.app.

    (Alternatively, if this doesn't work you can email it to a Windows computer download 7-zip and extract it there)

  11. Go to the .app file

  12. Look for the relevant files, I looked through all the files and found two of particular interest:


    I think these are the right files.

To save the hassle I have uploaded them to my Google Drive

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