In Mac OS prior to Catalina, the left sidebar in the console app would show a directory tree for the /var/log directory and a few other log directories. These could be expanded to navigate logs for various processes. I am pretty sure at least one, /var/log, was there by default.

Now, there doesn't appear to be a way to get any log directories to show in the sidebar—even by opening through the file menu or by drag/dropping. It only shows the default:

  • Devices
    • [Device name]
  • Reports
    • Crash Reports
    • Spin Reports
    • Log Reports
    • Diagnostic Reports
    • Mac Analytics Data
    • system.log

These are the same sidebar items that were present in previous versions, minus the directories.

I can open up individual log files with the console, but cannot get any directories to show up in the sidebar.

Maybe this is a regression and wasn't intentionally removed.

How can I get log directories to show up permanently like in the previous OS?

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