I've been running a 2008 MacPro3,1 for a long time now as my home desktop. For my day-to-day, I have much newer equipment but nothing since the old cheese graters has had the same storage capacity unless you bought external drive enclosures. That being said, I do like the idea of having a "home server" but at its idle draw of ~200W, I'm looking at an electricity bill around $22/mo.

As an interim step to completely replacing the equipment, I've been considering ways of lowering the power consumption of the machine. Unfortunately, a sleep schedule doesn't work because the machine doesn't appear to come back up on its own. So one line of thought is to remove one of the CPUs since I know the E5462 is probably responsible for at least 25% of the power draw.

Will this work? Can I simply remove one of the CPUs and the machine will still work, or do I need to do something to let it see the one CPU?

I know there was a configuration in 2008 that was a single CPU, but I don't know if there was anything different on the motherboard, jumper or otherwise.

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    I really doubt it, but I'm not going to pull a CPU from my old 3,1 to test it. I also doubt it would save any noticeable amount of power. Why not just let it sleep? [something my first 3,1 never did in 10 years, but its replacement now does whenever it's not being accessed] – Tetsujin Feb 14 at 19:39

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