I have an Iphone 8 running IOS 13.3.1 and a MacBook Pro (2015) running Catalina (10.15.3). For a while now I have dealt with my contacts on the 2 devices being different, but i am now using the Imessage for Computer more frequently and wanted to merge/sync them. I turned on Icloud for contacts on mac and 700+ contacts i don't recognise appeared. These ghost contacts (perhaps from previous Apple ID associated with laptop?) do not appear in the Icloud.com contacts page in browser. After deleting these en mass, I turned icloud contacts on for the Iphone, and no contacts have uploaded to Icloud.com or to laptop. I have repeated this process 2 now and each time the ghosts re-appear and the contacts don't transfer. Any recs to fix this? Is there a way to download contacts to .csv directly from the phone?

THX in advance.

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