AppleScript Automation for select all files in a folder, create/rename ZIP with name of parent folder

Can somebody help me with AppleScript? I tried to solve my problem with Automator but cant get it working.

I have to pack multiple slides of an e-detailer. This is given:

  • 2020_NOR_XXX_022_XXX_XXX -- css -- export -- js -- parameters -- media -- index.html

Steps to do:

  1. Go into folder and select all files
  2. Create a .zip file
  3. Rename the zip file "archiv.zip" to the parents folder name "2020_NOR_XXX_022_XXX_XXX"

This should work in a root folder and do the action for all subfolders in 1. depth

  • Root -- ... -- 2020_NOR_XXX_021_XXX_XXX -- 2020_NOR_XXX_022_XXX_XXX -- ...

Thank you in advance for any help!

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