On MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6, I want to output two separate Chrome browser tab applications to two separate devices from my single macbook pro.

1) Chrome tab 1: browser game --> outputs to headphones

2) Chrome tab 2: youtube video --> outputs to HDMI-connected TV audio

I'm struggling to set this up in AudioMIDI setup.

To set up the input, which is the logitech headset microhpone, I set the aggregate device as input:

enter image description here

And the display port (TV via HDMI) and Headset as output in the Multi-output Device:

enter image description here

The problem is, the same audio streams are aggregated from all sources (youtube video, and browser game) to output to both the TV and headset.

What I need is two separate audio streams going to two separate devices.

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I wrote all this before realising you want two routings from one app - that's not going to be possible. I'll leave this here for future searchers.

There are only two apps I know can do this, both by the same company, Rogue Amoeba.

The cheaper & simpler one is SoundSource - $35. There is a more complex/expensive one which can also record any sound source to disk as well, called Audio Hijack - $70.

SoundSource can do all you asked & more.

There is a late third - Boom2 & the newer Boom3D - but it's a notorious crasher & speaker destroyer unless you switch off everything except the routing [judging by the many questions we've seen in here about it. I've never tried it personally].

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