How can one hide/unhide slide(s) in Keynote for iPadOS?

I find my self very often having to edit keynote presentations (stored in iCloud) while I have no access to my MacBook and I can say that working on iPad is pretty nice and all, but I cannot figure this one thing out.

Has anyone ever come across this and has a way of doing it?


I guess you mean skipping a slide during a presentation, i.e., the slide will be present, but will not be shown during the presentation. Here is how to do it in Keynote for iPadOS/iOS:

  1. In the slide navigator: Tap the slide to select it, tap it again, then tap Skip Slide (or Unskip Slide to include it back again). You might need to tap ▶️, or rotate your device to see the Skip Slide/Unskip Slide command.

  2. In the light table view: Tap to select a slide or select multiple slides, then tap the Skip button (the Skip button) or Unskip button (the Unskip button) at the bottom of the screen.

The directions have been taken from the Apple Support pages for iOS and iPadOS

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  • Thanks a lot. Ok, so it was a bad translation issue in my system language - Greek. While "hide slide" is correctly translated, the "unskilled" option is displayed as "undo" – Ant Feb 13 at 16:42

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