I have URLs with non-ascii chars that behave strangely on Chrome 79 on Catalina 10.15.3 I was not able to reproduce it with Chrome 79 on Windows, neither with Safari.

If I have the following chain in the URL bar ∀ ∀∀∀§, the last three get bigger then the first one. Try copy pasting it in your Chrome URL bar. If I remove the § or put a space before the §, all the return to the same (smaller) size.

enter image description here

google.com does not seem to care about the size difference in the URL, but my Java WebServer is not able to parse the URL if the and § are adjacents.

Update : I've just upgraded to Chrome 80 and the problem does not appear any more...


It seems to be the case with all tall characters at the end, for example the dagger(†)(U+2020), the double dagger(‡)(U+2021) and box drawings light vertical and horizontal(┼)(U+253C) show the same effect. My guess is that chrome doesn't handle those "tall" characters well and tries to show all characters in a "word", limited by for example a space or a comma, as the same height. I also could not find another place in macOS where this was the case, so I guess it is a chrome Bug. You can file a bug report in the menu under the help section or in the google issue tracker.

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    It seems very logical, but now that I have Chrome 80, I cannot reproduce it anymore :-(Also, I will not file an issue since it is corrected in Chrome 80, but feel free to do so. Thanks – Benoît Feb 13 '20 at 11:31

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