I'll start from my end goal so it will be clearer - I have a mouse with buttons that can be assigned to output keyboard shortcuts. I'm using Divvy and I want to use it so that whenever I click that button a different Divvy shortcut will be used. So for example:

  • 1st click - Center window
  • 2nd click - Align to the left
  • 3rd click - Align to the right
  • 4th click - Center
  • 5th click - left .... and so on

What piece of software am I missing to map between what I'll use with the mouse and the cyclic shortcuts to be used with Divvy?

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You could use Karabiner to achieve this. Although you might have to write a small script to achieve this kind of functionality. There are a lot of great guides on how to use Karabiner and the doc section on the website is also a pretty good place to start.

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