I use the iPhone's native Calendar, Contacts, and Notes apps (not email). It used to sync with Outlook on my Windows lapop. It synced over local WiFi, as I am not comfortable having my information in the cloud.

That was all before Windows 7 support dropped. When I moved to Windows 10, I found that Outlook desktop could only be bought as part of Office desktop for more than half a grand (Canadian).

I've since looked at EssentialPIM , even looking into learning about its embedded Firebird database so that I have better control of the data. Then I found that, according to the online documentation, it requires iTunes on the laptop and iOS EssentialPIM on the phone, even though it uses the native calendar and contacts on the phone -- no mention about syncing notes! Does anyone using this know whether notes sync?

For that matter, does anyone know whether iOS EssentialPIM is needed?

I can live with iOS EssentialPIM, but having to install iTunes on the laptop is really giving me pause. Other than the iPhone, I am thoroughly entrenched in the Windows ecosystem, and iTunes is an enormous system to install just for syncing. Is there a way to sync without iTunes on the laptop?

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