Does anyone have any experience getting Catalina installed using Virtualbox? I was unsuccessful in booting into the 10.15.3 installer, but luckily I found a copy of 10.15 I can boot into and reformat the vdi. However, midway through the installation it hangs and after an hour it doesn’t seem to make anymore progress. Any thoughts?

Host is a MacBook Air running 10.15.2

Guest is trying to be at least 10.15

  • Did you read this thread on the VirtualBox forums? Catalina 10.15.2 does not start. Seems it doesn't work currently but there is a workaround to copy boot.efi. According the open ticket "The source of the boot hangs has been identified <snip> it will be fixed for the next maintenance release." – lx07 Feb 12 at 9:51

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