Today my iPhone X got stuck at a logo-flash-loop. After searching for some information with Google I tried the "voldown+volup" restart way.

The infinite logo loop did stop but I still can't access my iPhone. I saw a screen like this:

enter image description here

I searched again and found that there is a way to update my iPhone software without erasing my data. It says that I just need to use iTunes on Mac to update the iOS software.

Which I think is very good. So I opened my iTunes on my Mac and it really tells me that there's an update (like 13.3.1).

After clicking some confirm buttons, I ran into this screen below. enter image description here

After downloading the iOS package. And everything starts to move on. I saw an error like this:

enter image description here

What can I do now? What is trouble for me is not just data, pictures, but I have 2 of my bank apps on the iPhone which is super inconvenient to recover if I can't access them.

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    As your iTunes is updated, make sure whatever OS you have - try to get the full update (not need to be macOS Catalina too) but get all required supplementary updates. also, check your USB cable, try with a different ones. – Udhy Feb 10 at 12:02

it looks like you are using iTunes which is not available in the latest macOS Catalina. Please try the same with apple configurator 2. It might help.

This error might have occurred because your macOS is not up to date.

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    Really don't want to get updated to Catalina because I have Adobe Fireworks on this machine. But thanks so much, I will try to get another mac with Catalina installed. – AGamePlayer Feb 10 at 11:31

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