Is there a hard case for the Apple wireless keyboard for the iPad?

The case is to make the keyboard safe to transport, like in a backpack or something.

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I couldn't find any hard cases, but Waterfield/SFBags makes some nice soft cases you can use for transporting your Apple Bluetooth Keyboard:

(source: sfbags.com)
(source: sfbags.com)


I really like the inCase Origami Workstation because in addition to protecting the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard, it unfolds to support the iPad in a comfortable typing position.

Andy Ihnatko included it in A spring selection of iPad-friendly accessories worth a look

Apologies for the commerce link above. The link is to the manufacturer's site and they don't separate product from store. The Origami is widely available from a number of sources—I picked mine up at a local Apple Store—and no endorsement of inCase as the retail outlet is implied.

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