Goal: Install ImageMagick on my iMac 27" 2017 running Catalina 10.15.3 (install failed under Homebrew). Plenty of RAM & disk space.

Second line below doesn't execute, so echo $MAGICK_HOME yields expected results but echo $DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH results in a nil value.

file ~/.zshenv:

export MAGICK_HOME="/usr/local/bin/ImageMagick-7.0.9/"
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    in the second line, did you mean '$MAGIC_HOME' instead '$MAGICK_HOME'? Not sure what the issue is, but if Homebrew failed, that suggests bigger issues. – TJ Luoma Feb 3 at 0:40
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    TJ, the K is correct. ImageMagick is a long-established image processing library that does us the K as part of its branding. – tomcam Feb 3 at 3:06

This is a simple typo!

The definition of the variable DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH refers to the variable set in the previous line: MAGICK_HOME:

So add a K and the respective lines of .zshenv look like this then:

export MAGICK_HOME="/usr/local/bin/ImageMagick-7.0.9/"

Other source: Mac OS X Binary Release

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  • Aargh, you're absolutely right, klanomath! Thank you. – tomcam Feb 3 at 7:30
  • What's what I was trying to explain with my comment above :-) – TJ Luoma Feb 5 at 18:59

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