I'm trying to figure out whether my wireless chipset is capable of entering monitoring mode for passive network scanning or packet injection. How can I view the specific chipset information about the wireless card in my macbook pro?


You can find out which chipset you currently have installed in your Mac with the following command:

$ system_profiler SPAirPortDataType | grep Firmware

You should get a response similar to the following:

Firmware Version: Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 (

This tells us we've got the Broadcom BCM43xx series.

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  • Exactly what I needed, thank you! – CanadaIT Jan 31 at 20:03

Install AirTool and you can capture packets on one channel or all channels.

Appleā€™s OEM chipsets are quite capable of packet capture and scanning.

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  • It's great to know that this tool exists! – CanadaIT Jan 31 at 20:03

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