I've set up Screen Time limits for YouTube and a handful of other apps on my iOS devices, and those sync over to my Mac. On Catalina, the YouTube app limit automatically also applies to http://youtube.com.

Screen Time preferences

However, that countdown appears to start as soon as I start my Mac, or perhaps when I open Safari. I did not visit YouTube on either my iOS devices nor my Mac yet, and it's already counted and hour and a half of usage, closely coinciding with the length I had my Mac started for.

Is this just buggy, or is there anything I can do to make it count only the length of time I actually visit the YouTube website?

  • Could be cached content, restart Safari by holding down shift and clicking on the dock icon.
    – anki
    Jan 28, 2020 at 15:28

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It seems to have sorted itself out with the latest update. Not sure whether there was an unmentioned bug fix in there, some caches or something got cleaned out during the installation, or it was just the reboot.

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