Sometimes I give my kids access to my iPhone, and want to restrict access to adult sites. As an experiment I turned on "restrict access to adult site" under the "restrictions" option, and then also specifically added a few domains I REALLY don't want them going to. However when I test this by going to the domain, I get the following message: "Access restricted to (website)" with an option directly under it "Allow website". All I have to do is click the "allow website" option and suddenly I have total access to it.

I don't understand why that option is there for domains that I explicitely am trying to block - no kid in the world is going to refrain from hitting the "allow website" option if they want to go to that site.

What can I do to actually prevent my kids from visiting certain domains, without giving them option to just access it from right there in the browser?

BTW: this is not just for home WIFI, but also for data (IE can't just block on my router)

Thanks in advance.

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