90% of the time I work with my macbook connected to a screen.

I want my macbook to go to preferably lock, but will settle for sleep, when I close it.

I don't care if it is doing anything, if I close the lid, I want the entire machine to lock/sleep.

This does not seem to be possible from what I can tell but I am hoping that you can prove me wrong.

Thanks for any suggestions that you can offer.


Sadly I don't think you can invoke this behavior and this is not the solution you are asking for, though as I imagine you are using a keyboard (apple?) you could always use the hotkeys to lock your laptop and screen.

  • OptionCommandPower / OptionCommandMedia Eject: Put Mac to sleep
  • ControlShiftPower / ControlShiftMedia Eject : Put display(s) to sleep



There’s not a reliable way to disable closed clamshell. Instead, I would use the key command to lock the screen before you close the lid and set screensaver to need a password immediately.

Control-Command-Q: Immediately lock your screen

You can mess with sleep, but without the settings / lock it’s less secure.

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