Phone: iOS 13.3, iPhone X, App: iOS Calendar, GMAIL calendars

I work in a company with a lot of shared calendars (pretty common). I'm not sure when, but sometime in the last 1/2 year (mid 2019 +), my iOS Calendar started notifying me of other people's events in their calendars.

I've gone into Settings -> Notifications -> Calendar and set:

Upcoming events: on
Invitations off
Invitee responses: off
Shared calendar changes: off
Siri found in apps: off
Notification grouping: by App

In the Calendar App, I'm only showing my own calendar and on each of the shared calendars, when clicking on the info icon, I've ensured that each shared calendar's notification is off.

I don't get all notifications from all other shared calendars all the time ... I just randomly get notifications from other people's calendars. I've hard-reset my phone multiple times. Really don't know what to do next.

Does anyone else out there have this problem and/or have any suggestions. Its driving me a bit crazy.

Cheers, RB

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