I was trying to help my parents out with backing up, updating and transferring their old phones to new phones. I completed my mothers back-up and transfer without issue. However, when I went to back-up and update my fathers phone, I discovered their PC was still logged in as my mothers iTunes account, therefore, merging all my fathers phone information (pics, texts, apps, contacts) with my mothers iTunes account.Once the info finished backing up from his old phone to the PC iTunes, it set his phone to factory resets.

Once I realized what happened, I immediately tried to restore from iCloud and my fathers phone was a mirror image of my mothers phone. I was able to restore his new phone to factory settings and log into iTunes using his Apple Id and restore from his last update. However, still no text messages or pictures as his phone was not backed up often due to his lack of understanding of iCloud technology and their lack of reliable home internet/wi-fi.

My question: Is there anyway to recover/separate his information from my mothers iCloud login and transfer it to his iCloud account?

Any helpful advise is greatly appreciated and thank you in advance!

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