I'm using Mac book pro 13 inch , 3.1 ghz i5 dual core.

I have set up Mac book fan control and I am able to check the temperature.

I was just surfing the internet, and the cpu temperature shows about 65-75 degree Celsius. which made the fan run

Is it normal thing to happen???

I cannot find any proper temperature for my Mac.

I also looked up at some website but it does not have my MacBook model.


please help me


I found two 13" MacBook Pro notebooks which offered a 3.1 GHz i5 CPU with 2 physical cores. Both have a 100°C TJUNCTION rating for the CPU. (Junction Temperature is the maximum temperature allowed at the processor die.):

So a temperature of 65-75°C is within normal operating range for the CPU.

If neither of these are the MacBook Pro model you have, then please provide the necessary information to properly identify the one you have.

  • I think mine is the one with 2017. – danny lee Jan 25 at 6:12
  • thank you so much for your help. I was seriously concerning about it. – danny lee Jan 25 at 6:12

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