Hovering over the device doesn't show the battery level. When connected to the iPhone, I was able to get the battery level in the widgets screen.

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How do I know when I have to charge the headphones?


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You can write your custom script on these lines

https://romig.dev/blog/mac-os-quirks-bluetooth-device-battery-low/ using ioreg I/O Registry, code for a implementation is available here on Github https://github.com/aromig/scripts/tree/master/check_battery

You can also use plugins like Akku https://github.com/jariz/Akku

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MacOS Monterey now supports 3rd party Bluetooth headsets by itself. This was the reason for plugins like Akku being discontinued.

Try to upgrade your OS.


This is not something built into macOS.

To get alerts and notifications about your Bluetooth devices’ battery status, you need a third party utility like MenuBar Stats.


On the latest updates of mac os (I have mac os 12.1) you can check the battery of bluetooth-connected devices in the Bluetooth menubar icon:

Bluetooth menubar icon

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