I use Microsoft Remote Desktop and have passwords saved for different remote desktop connections. Since some time back I get the error:

We couldn't retreieve your password from your keychain, please enter your password again.

Screenshot from Microsoft Remote Desktop

I've reset the Keychain inside Keychain Access Management: Screenshot from Keychain Access Management

I've also looked for cached files in ~/Library/Caches but didn't find any for Microsoft Remote Desktop.

I get the same problem when running Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta.

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I solved it by deleting the username/password settings from MS Remote Desktop Preferences. After adding them again, it works.

Screenshot from Microsoft Remote Desktop Preferences


I resolve this issue on Mac in app "Keychain access".

So go in app "Keychain access"(Mac may open Passwords on last OS, so be attentive) Found there name "Microsoft Remote Desktop" and delete it. enter image description here

Second trick, go to you name in "Keychain access" and set there "always allow .. applications" or use "allow all applications to access this item". I recommend revert back it after you will add Workspace. enter image description here

Issue gone: 'Microsoft remote desktop wants to use "System" keychain' enter image description here

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