I use Spotlight (Command Space) a lot as my general tool to select applications and find files of various kinds.

The Spotlight window only shows a small number of results: in order to see the full list, I have to click on Show All... on the right hand side of each heading; or scroll to the end to Show All in Finder, for all matching items of any kind. The number itself seems to vary between 1 and 5, even when there are more results.

Does anyone know any way to increase the number of results shown in the Spotlight window, in order to avoid the extra click to bring up a Finder window (or indeed to avoid switching to the Finder and searching there to start with).

The Recent items setting in System Preferences > General doesn't seem to be relevant, and a Google search just brings up lots of noise about reindexing or how to use Spotlight generally.

Note that the Finder window shows all the expected results, so re-indexing is an unlikely solution.

I'm expecting that a plist key will hold the answer, but a search of 'defaults write com.apple.spotlight' hasn't brought up anything germane.

  • Looking at the spotlight window, the size of the groups seems to be algorithmic rather than fixed (e.g., I see cutoffs at 5, 8, and 3 items, for no readily apparent reason). I'm not sure that will be adjustable. However, it's pretty clearly the same thing as a smart folder (which is a plist file for a spotlight search). You could just use smart folders for searching (make sure to use groups and arrange by kind) and you'd get the same effect. – Ted Wrigley Jan 15 at 16:40

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