I'm using MacBook Pro 2012 model with macOS Catalina. A few keys (I don't know which ones exactly) key on my built-in keyboard seems to be pressed continuously. I have disabled the internal keyboard using kextunload in Terminal and currently using an external USB Windows keyboard.

Here's the issue: Every time I restart my system, the built-in keyboard gets enabled automatically (So I have to use kextunload again and again). Also, during startup, I'm unable to start in safe mode or Recovery mode or change startup disk using an external keyboard (I guess this happens as a result of built-in keyboard getting enabled at startup and hence the pressing of some keys on it).

Is there a way to permanently disable the built-in keyboard and make the external keyboard as an only input source?

  • You may want to look at hardware solutions: e.g. unplugging the keyboard ribbon ZIF socket from the circuit board. It's likely a hardware problem anyway: it's possible that removing the keys and cleaning it might help. The alternative would be to get Apple to replace the entire upper case. – benwiggy Jan 14 at 10:26
  • The keys could be physically stuck due to dirt or grime, or there could be water damage to the circuitry. Did you spill something on your computer just before this problem started? In the first case, a gentle cleaning go the keypad might loosen it up; in the second, I'm sure you can get a second-hand top-case on eBay and replace it yourself. Check ifixit.com/Search?query=MacBook%20Pro%202012 and see if you feel up to that task. – Ted Wrigley Jan 14 at 14:46
  • Thanks for the suggestion guys! Will try and let you know. For the time being one more problem has risen. The 'kextunload' command in Terminal is no more disabling the bait in keyboard. Any suggestions on that – Purushottam Kadoo Jan 14 at 16:06

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